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October 11, 2012 by Joel Moss


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Updated code editor and ShareThis widget

We just rolled out a couple of small, but newsworthy new features to the Application Craft platform.

Updated ACE Code Editor

ACE Code Editor

First is a major update to the integrated code editor within the IDE, which introduces some really nice improvements and a few little helpers to make your life easier. Our code editor is powered by the open source ACE Editor, which means we get to use the power of open source and bring you some awesome features. This release includes

  • Multiple cursors and selections
  • Code folding
  • Autoclosing of html tags
  • Indent guides
  • New themes
  • Many small tweaks and fixes

Sign up or sign in to your account and give it a whirl today.

ShareThis Widget

ShareThis Widget

We also added a new widget to your toolbox, which wraps up the free ShareThis service into one tiny package, and lets you share your apps across almost any social network. Just drag and drop the widget onto your app, and you're done. It just works!

Frequent Releases

This release also marks the beginning of an all new internal development process for our engineering team, which will mean much more frequent releases, as well as a far greater ability - and flexibility - to respond to bugs and requests from you guys. It's a very new process, so we are still refining it as we go along, but already we deployed two minor releases just today that fix a few bugs that you guys reported within the last 24 hours.

Plenty more to come, so watch this space.

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