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April 4, 2013 by Morgan McVay (AC User)


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AC Education - the Students Experience

AC Education - the Students Experience

Creighton University recently held an App Dev Argy-Bargy, a competition that was a huge success and attended by many students, IT companies and the press. We caught up with Cindy Corritore, a Professor of IT at the University, earlier this year and heard about her experience from the teaching side. Now we've been fortunate to catch up with one of the students and competition's runner-ups, Morgan McVay, who created the CitySlicker app with team mate Catherine Lucas . The duo won themselves a Google Nexus 7 tablet in the process and have memories to last a lifetime.

Introducing...Morgan McVay!

Give us an inside scoop - tell us about yourself!

I currently am a Junior at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska pursuing a degree in Marketing and Economics with a focus in Psychology. I have always been interested in consumer behavior and human choices which naturally involves the reasoning behind using certain websites and apps. This concept immediately prompted my interest in gaining a background in website and app development.

When I first applied for Creighton’s BIA (Business Intelligence and Analytics) course, I only had a general outline of basic development skills (You could call me a master at the monochromatic, Times New Roman generic websites). However, the opportunity to learn how to further broaden my education as well as create a prototype to a phone app was too tempting to pass up.

How did you find working with Application Craft?

My experience with Application Craft was an enjoyable process! For a beginner like myself, it was a pleasant surprise to discover how clean and seamless AC was to use. I found it incredibly easy to understand and use; it became a vital learning tool throughout the semester. The multitude of video tutorials were one of my favorite features to AC; they were straight-forward, informational and thorough. However, the unique feature that really sets Application Craft apart from the rest is the reliability and helpfulness of the online community. This forum section became an invaluable resource to me and my partner as we worked our way through to create a fully functioning prototype three weeks later.

And on to the good stuff - tell us about the app you helped to create

As an individual looking to pursue a career in marketing, the first question I asked myself was ‘What app would my peers want to use tomorrow?’ I needed a concept that was simple enough to execute within our time constraint but held enough elegance and complexity to be captivating and desirable. From there my partner and I decided that college students would appreciate the opportunity to see their financial shopping mistakes before they made them and thus CitySlicker was born. Living in a larger city is not the cheapest lifestyle, so we created an app that allows you to track your total as you shop while categorizing your purchases. These categorized purchases then would input into a Zing chart and show the buyer in which area they were spending the majority of their money. This app provides a more visual approach to allow college students the ability to readjust their financial habits.


Before presenting our app during the Argy-Bargy competition at Creighton, we first sent out a survey to a small sample of Creighton students. Of this survey, 90% said they would download CitySlicker if it were available on the market. Their favorite features of the app included the barcode scanner and the clean sleek design. Introducing the app even prompted future demands to improve the app including a customizable list, online account, and the ability to compare store prices to find deals and coupons. The entire experience was incredibly inspiring and motivating for a young professional like myself.

What are your next steps?

Although my formal BIA studies have come to an end, I know the experience and tools that I have collected through Application Craft will be greatly beneficial in my future endeavors. I would recommend Application Craft for any individual who is interested in creating their own app or to those who simply would like to better understand and appreciate the hard work and dedication that go into a creating a fully functioning and sophisticated app. In summary, Application Craft is an invaluable resource for any level of developer and is a worthy investment.

Thanks so much for sharing with us, Morgan. We wish you all the best in the future!

-The Application Craft team

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