Frequently Asked Questions

If you feel that this does not explain anything well enough then please contact us and we will clarify in person as well as using it as an opportunity to improve this FAQ page.

General FAQs

How many apps can I build using the Application Craft platforms?

You may build as many as you like with both free trial and AC Cloud.

What can I do / not do with the free trial?

You get all the features that we offer with the following exceptions
- You cannot export your app from the platform.
- You cannot use the download feature and deploy your app to your own web server.
- You are not restricted to a single developer per account.

Can I extend the free trial?

You will need to contact support@applicationcraft to do this.

Can I run my apps on my own web server?

Yes, you can with AC Cloud but not the free trial. You use the download option to package up the App and deploy it to any web server you like.

Can I develop an app in the free trial and then load it into an AC Cloud account?

No. You can only export from an AC Cloud Account. You can then cancel your subscription and then import it into someone else's AC Cloud account. Exporting (as opposed to downloading) is for moving an entire app between accounts. If you want to deploy your app on any web server then you download rather than export.

Purchasing & Subscriptions

Can I add several developers to my account?

This is also easy. The AC Cloud is licenses on a per developer basis. You can add developers whenever you like.

How do I upgrade my account?

Log into your Application Craft account and click the 'Upgrade Now' image at the top of the page or by selecting the 'Upgrade Subscription' option by hovering over the drop-down icon to the right of your user name. When you have completed the upgrade an email confirmation will be sent to you. Refresh your browser (or logout/login again) to update your account. The Upgrade Now button will no longer be visible. Further confirmation of your change in account status can also be seen by re-opening the 'Upgrade Subscription' link.

Can I cancel my AC Cloud subscription before the end of the billing period?

You can cancel your subscription at any time but your account will continue to function until the end of the period to which you are subscribed. Once the subscription period expires, there will be no automatic renewal of your subscription and there will be no further charges. In plain English, you can cancel midway through your monthly contract but you won’t get any money back for the period you subscribed to.

What happens to my apps when I cancel?

Your account will be disabled. Your data will remain but you will not be able to access it or your Apps. You will be able to access them again by upgrading to AC Cloud again.

Are there usage limitations?

Yes, we have an Acceptable Usage Policy document that covers both how hard your app can hit the platform as well as restrictions on prohibited content and actions.

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