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Build your UI with drag-and-drop visual development

Build your UI

Whether you're building for Desktop or Mobile, just drag-and-drop your way to beautiful, responsive HTML5 front-ends and applications. A huge collection of amazing widgets are all yours via our unique visual development environment.

  • Dozens of Widgets

    From labels to charts, just drag and drop.

  • Integrated Debugging

    Debug your apps from within the IDE and during runtime.

  • All Within Your Browser

    Nothing to download - nothing to install. It's all in the cloud.

  • Incredibly Easy to Use

    It's all visual, and so easy to use for developers of all skill levels.

only $14 per month
no credit card necessary
Write javascript code for the client and server

Code for Client & Server

You won't believe how easy it is to write javascript code for your applications. And you will be amazed at how easily you can write server side javascript without anything to install or paradigms to learn.

  • Syntax Highlighting

    Every line of your code is highlighted according to its syntax.

  • Code Explorer/Outline

    Visualize your app and its code with the code explorer and outline.

  • Easy to Use Powerful APIs

    We've created custom APIs, giving you the power to write amazing apps.

  • Server Side Javascript

    Write secure server-side code using the same language you use on the client.

  • Database Integration

    Integrate with any database extremely easily.

Deploy as a web app and to the App Stores.


All applications you build with Application Craft will run as Web Apps, allowing you to run them anywhere. However, thanks to our AC Mobile Build technology, you can also compile your app for the App Stores, and integrate your app with the device.

  • Want a Web App?

    Any desktop or mobile app built with AC will run in any browser.

  • Want to deploy to an App Store?

    AC Mobile build incorporates PhoneGap technology and lets you build with a single button press.

  • Run on our servers or yours.

    Apps are deployed and run on our platform at no extra cost, but you can also download and run them on your own servers.

  • AC Enterprise: on your server

    For those who want to run the whole AC experience on their own servers and within your firewall.


In Detail...

only $14 per month

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Live Webinars

Application Craft runs regularly scheduled webinars, including:

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