AC Mobile Build

"Cloud Compile" any HTML5+CSS+JS app to App Store ready binaries.


Incredibly Easy!

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With AC Mobile Build, you can compile any HTML5 App into a mobile binary in seconds. Based on the open source PhoneGap/Cordova project, we make it so easy for you to compile your apps from within the AC console.

  • AC Apps

    Just press the build button then sit back and wait for a few seconds. That's all there is to it!

  • Non AC Apps

    If you've built your HTML5+CSS+JS project outside AC, just upload your project and press 'Build'. 100% free to use.

  • All Major Platforms

    iOS, Android and Windows Phone (coming very soon) are all supported. Don't worry about compilers ever again.

  • A Beast of Burden

    We do the heavy-lifting: compiling, certificate management, even certificate generation. Even plugin management.


Curated Plugins

Six plugins are ready to go with plenty more to come. We will also be publishing an interface to allow you to prepare your own for inclusion.

  • Push Notifications

    Support the Xtify Push platform

  • Scandit

    Commercial grade barcode reading from your smartphone.

  • ZXing

    Free barcode reading.

  • SQLite Database

    Full relational database capabilities for your App.

  • Email

    Device level email handling

  • Child Browser

    A browser window within your App.


Access to Device

As AC Mobile Build uses PhoneGap/Cordova technology, you can access all the important device components.

  • Hardware

    Accelerometer, Camera, Compass, Gelocation, Audio

  • OS Features

    Connection Checking, Contacts, Events, File System, Notifications, Storage

  • Check out the API

    The PhoneGap API is full featured and very easy to use, so check it out here.


And Finally...

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