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Tasty rewards for telling your friends about Application Craft

Referral Program

Save $$$ - Win Prizes!

To start referring, just enter your email below.

Terms and conditions apply. Referral reward scheme will run indefinitely until further notice for AC Cloud rewards. Prizes will be awarded from June 1st 2013 at which point the competition will close. Full details of the reward scheme can be found below. We thank you very much for any referrals. As a new, small company, we need to rely on people who like our product telling others about it.

How to Refer

You can refer in one of two ways. In both cases, just go ahead and enter your email in the form above.

  • Refer by Email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn : after entering your email address you can click on one of the social icons and it should be clear what to do next.
  • Blog or Web Site link : after entering your email address, you will see a URL, which you can copy and paste to your blog or site.

How We Track Referrals

We use your email address to track anyone that signs up or buys. You can then see how your referrals are doing from your Application Craft account.

How You Can Track Your Referrals

We will shortly be adding a simple feature to your AC Console so you can see your referral activity and who has signed up. Even though we have not added this reporting feature yet (coming in January 2013) we are already tracking all your referrals properly.

How We Reward You

The first 2 prizes are for the people who refer the largest number of people to subscribe to AC Cloud or AC Enterprise before June 30th 2013. From January 2013, we will show your current position in your AC Console.

1st Prize

A copy of AC Enterprise or AC Cloud with 10 developer seats free for life plus the tablet of your choice (maximum value of $750).

2nd Prize

A copy of AC Enterprise or AC Cloud with 10 developer seats free for life.

3 More Prizes

A single developer AC Cloud subscription, free for one year.

Earn Free AC Cloud Usage

  • For every person you refer that subscribes to AC Cloud, we will give you a free month.
  • If 6 or more people subscribe to AC Cloud, then you will get a free Year.
  • If 20 or more people subscribe, then you will get AC Cloud free for 5 years
only $14 per month

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Live Webinars

Application Craft runs regularly scheduled webinars, including:

Both are designed to help you every step of the way!

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